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guys I miss you all so much and I feel like we should talk and like just remember everything together eh; I am a little too sentimental. I am just at my homie nick's house and bored so start telling memories! bittttcchhhhessss!


The other day I snuck onto the bus from the back because I had no money. I was sitting all the way in the back of the bus and after a couple stops, a guy stands up to get off and when he turns to the side to get off, it was Mr.Dude!!! I screamed "Mr. Dude", he looked for a second before getting off while everyone else still on the bus looked at me like I was crazy. While driving off I hit on the plastic windows but he looked at me like he was really confused.
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Yeah. So I've decided that we need to have a coeur d' alene reunion. It would be pretty tight if we had kids from other graduating years come too, but first we need the ummmm our year reunion.
Gimme Your Numbers!
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wow that was hot.
patten: now why are you in here?
me: i don't need to answer i don't even know youre name!
patten: it's mr. patten.
me: no that's your last name
patten: my name is rex
me: oh! that's my lizard's name are you related?
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did you guys know that "dr.fatton" went on some jenny craig diet!!that is so freaking works at my school now(mark twain) and still has her that chin....what else....uhhhh....mrs.brown was the biggest bitch in the whole school!those halloween parades were so funny,i remember when in 2nd grade,the girl all had to dress in ms.romero's classroom and then mrs.romero,ms.syriotis,and ms.bender dressed up as snap,krackle and pop.those
coeur d' alene days were damn good times....

the kids who went there have so much to offer(drugs in particular)...those kids are future kult leaders, gangbangers,hobos,killers,and drug dealers.
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thugs, drugs, and slugs.

I just realized how depressed i am.
do you know why?
no instead theo, faryn, and i hosted the halloween parade.
theo btw is god.
I need to find my pictures, i have so many somewhere.

We need a fucking reunion yo.
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Coeur d'alene the most pointless days of our livez

this is a community for the kids who went to coeur d'alene.
It's been so long, that whenever i see you guys you call me giovanna, well um, now days, i'm gia or giva.
coeur d'alene was litterally a fucking insaine hippie school now that i think back on it.
i'm actually surprised i wasn't expelled. Especially after i called the Mrs. Brown and idiot in an editorial in the school news paper. aye me.
well this community is for us, the couer d' alene kids, the kids of the future, and the children of the revolution (whatever that may be).
share your memories, pictures, and complaints, here if you'd wish. ask un-answered questions for example, "what really was lodged up mrs. brown's ass?" etc.
enjoy, and feel free to abuse this shit, that's what it's fucking here for.

it'd be nice if you once joined, if you join say what school you go to.
cause i won't fucking know.
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