we are the children of the revolution

coeur d' alene kids, open minded activists

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the children of the revolution.
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did you go to coeur d' alene?
did you like coeur d' alene?
did you hate coeur d' alene?
do you know what i mean by...
serriotis' ass chin?
or Mrs. Lawrence's mole?
that fat girl lilly?
the muffin man?
student teacher baseball game for fifth graders?
Rex O Patten?
the silent auction?
Jungle Gym?
late night fights with broken bottles, chains, and knives?
GATE (for fellow gifted children) Yugoslavian dance classes?
Pop tarts?
the CIRCLE GAME (song from graduation)?
if you said yes to any of these you probablly should join.
007 for n 64, aaron holland, adam sandler, aids, air hockey, allie mcbeal, art lessons, basketball, black, blink-182, book fair, boys and girls club, bread day, bring it on, broken arms, bus rides, cartoon network, cereal, chanukah, charlie's mom, cheerleading, chorus, christmas, comic books, computer room, disney channel, disneyland, dodgeball, dradles made of marshmellows, drawing, drugs, dunk a roos, ears falling off, england, erica, feild trips, finger painting, food, fooseball, gate, growing pains, gushers, halloween day parade, hand ball, hello kitty, hippies, hopscotch, hot cheetos, josie and the pussycats, jungle fortresses, kanga and roo, kick ball, labrynth, lam chop, latkas, learning, lipstick, loosing baby teeth, maggie, make up, manchos chips, manetees, mcdonalds, mcflurries, michael jordan, micky meade, monday morning assebmblies, mr. dude, mr. koch, mrs. brown, ms. reynolds, ms. seriotis' ass chin, muffin man, news paper, pan cakes, pbj sandwiches, pen pals, perfume, photography classes on saturdays, pillowki, poetry, pokemon, pop tarts, pseudo-gangsta rap, punk rock, purple hair dye, rainbows, rock and roll, room 12, sailor moon, saturday night live, sex, silent auctions, skate boarding, slc punks, smack down, soda, south park, space jam, spawn, spice girls, steven king, subway, tether ball, the cafeteria helpers, the dancing baby, the library, the misfits, the old jungle gym, the ritz carlton, the simpsons, the yacht club, titanic, trains, tv, valentines day, velvet underground, vodka and grape juice, wwf, ymca, zelda

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